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For more than a decade ABCON AS has delivered Stop Leak additives and wear reducing additives.

ABCON AS has delivered its products to hundreds of vessels some of which were upwards of 100.00 DWT. We understand the delicacy of expensive machinery and the importance of keeping it running for as long as possible. Many vessels are floating factories with numerous hydraulic system that are exposed to seawater and the massive beating from the sea. In cooperation with GERMAN MACHINE TECHNIC, ABCON AS has founded ABCON INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS to focus on land based industry.


Based on the knowledge from the marine sector ABCON INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS have proven their effectiveness even under severe conditions.


Stopping a leak is more than just ordering the right product. We ensure that our customers get the right product in the right quantity for the specific problem. We arrange for transport and we check that our product can arrive before the agreed upon date. Finally, we follow up to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the result.

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Experienced Personal

Our technical advisers have between them more than half a century of experience in the oil industry. This ensures a very comprehensive knowledge about oil and oil additives. Add to that our cooperation GERMAN MACHINE TECHNICS has further added to our competences.


ABCON’s products - Easy to Use

Our products are easy to apply which can be done by the person in charge on the site. This means that no special repair crew is needed.

If you have a problem with a leakage or you want to know more about the areas, which can be successfully treated, please contact our experienced staff who can draw upon knowledge from our extensive database which holds information from all deliveries.


ABCON® Guarantee

• Our objective is to provide the best guidance for our individual customers by working closely together with them to obtain maximum benefit from the use of the products.

• Deliver the best and most innovative solutions for our individual customers.

• We always work to improve our products to increase their effectiveness even in the most demanding of cases.


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