Oil spill from gear boxes can be reduced or be eliminated by adding a small quantity GEAR SL to existing lube oil. Lube oil often leak from small openings in the gear box such as where the shafts go out or along the lines where the box is assembled.


Due to the content of special shaped teflon particles in GEAR SL the gap will soon be filled and a teflon barrier is established.



• Reduces or eliminates oil spillage from leaking seals

• Reduced friction and wear

• Reduced operating temperature

• Extended component life

• Quieter operation




The GEAR+ product is a gear oil additive for treatment of gearboxes and GEAR systems. GEAR+ with teflon offers maximum lubrication and anti-wear protection to the gear and bearing surfaces of all types of gears. The smaller teflon particles in GEAR+ range from 0,4 to 40 microns.


The smaller teflon particles in GEAR+ when subjected to pressure and temperature, impregnate the friction surfaces thus reducing friction and offering corrosion resistance even during lay-up periods and residual lubrication at start up after lay-up periods. The larger teflon particles, which circulate with the gear lubricant will create a cushion between gear surfaces, thereby strongly reducing gear pitting.


This cushion effect is also important because it reduces noise caused by minor irregularities of mating surfaces, which are responsible for the very common “period noise”.


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