How to use it

Filling procedure Hydraulic SL and Hydraulic+


The following procedure is an easy way to mix the additive with the oil.


5 simple steps.


Notice: Step 5 is very important!


1. Open the bucket with oil additive you have received.


2. Blend it with new oil or existing oil from the hydraulic system.

a.If blending with new oil, please be aware of the total oil volume in the hydraulic system. It should not be more, or less than recommended by the manufacture.


3. Blend ratio: 1 liter additive should be mixed with 3-4 liter of hydraulic oil. E.g.: 5 liter additive with 15-20 liter of oil. Stir the blend until it is homogenous.


4. Pour the blend back into the system.


5. Run the system for at least 30 minutes for the blend to be mixed. This is to get the additive evenly mixed in whole system. The longer working time after, the better experience!

a. Some machines allow for full functioning while the oil tank is open. If that is the case, there is no need to stop the machine – you can just do step 1-4 without shutting the machine down.



Please note:

If the computer system may be showing peaks on the hydraulic system pressure after adding the mixture. No damage will happen, and it only occurs when the mixture that was poured in has too low viscosity compared to the rest of the oil. Just keep the machine running it will automatically go away.


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