Leaking hydraulic systems can easily be treated by adding a small quantity of HYDRAULIC SL to the system. The high content of teflon particles produce a barrier when they pass the leaking seal area such as the moving cylinders.


The effect is that the leakage is dramatically reduced or even stopped. A side effect of using teflon is its ability to create a cushion effect on mating surfaces in e.g. pumps. It not only reduces the wear but also reduces the “period noise” often experienced in hydraulic systems. HYDRAULICS SL blends with all mineral, semi-synthetic and full-synthetic hydraulic oils.


HYDRAULICS SL stops the leak or as a minimum strongly reduces the leak – depending on how large the leakage is. It will not regenerate half a seal, neither will it fix a broken hose. This advanced technology is thoroughly tested throughout many years and we guarantee that the machine will have a much longer life, and you will have a much cleaner workshop.


Only 2% of the total oil volume is needed depending on the system.







HYDRAULIC+ is a teflon based wear reducing additive. When added to the existing lube oil it reduces the friction between mating surfaces especially where there is metal to metal contact e.g. pumps. If you have a machine that is not leaking yet, we highly recommend adding our Hydraulic+ product.


The reason to add Hydraulic+ additive, is to prevent the TAN (total acid number) from going up. If the oil is becoming too contaminated with especially iron particles created from friction inside the hydraulic pumps, and outside particles from the workshop/atmosphere, that has entered the system through moving parts or holes, then the acid number will increase rapidly. This of course means, that the oil inside the hydraulic system will start to “eat”/sear the seals and gaskets which eventually results in an oil leak.


The smaller teflon particles in ABCON INDUSTRIAL HYDRALIC+ impregnate the metal surfaces which leads to reduced friction and thus wear & noise.


Only 1% by system volume is needed to prevent leaks from occurring/developing.

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