When assembling systems with rubber seals, such as hydraulic cylinders, there is always a risk at start up that heat is produces in the small area between rubber and metal. This is damaging to the rubber surface and hence lead to later leakage.


A much higher protection can be established by using ABCON INDUSTRY SEAL PROTECT+. It is applied in a thin layer on the rubber surface. Even at longer stand still it maintains its full lubricity capability and therefore reduce the risk of later damage to the seals.


ABCON INDUSTRY SEAL PROTECT+ is a complex teflon based lubrication paste, which protects against start up rotations in the machinery or linear movements in cylinders.




The ABCON MLP is a Multi-Lubrication Paste for all places, where you need extremely high film strength, adhesion and protection. MLP does not harden with age, and protect exposed components against rust and other corrosion; even aluminum in contact with stainless steel will be protected.

Its benefit is that it functions at up to 250 degrees Celsius. In addition, MLP makes it easier to disassembly the machinery even after long time and it offers a high degree of residual lubrication.


It seals ring surfaces without adhering. It reduces risk of seizing and reduces wear and tear.


ABCON INDUSTRIAL-MLP – Numerous Applications

Here are some of the various applications for ABCON MLP. For engines, it can be used on:

• Valve spindle and seals

• Oil seal and gaskets

• Machine assembly

• Threads (particularly those to be torqued)

• Pump assembly

• Treads, bolts etc.




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