Stop Leak additives that stop leaks in hydraulics systems and gears. It is simple and easy to handle and no special repair crew is required.


Reduce wear - reduce risk of leaks

Teflon is known as the material that provided the lowest friction. ABCON developed additives that are extremely efficient at reducing wear and tear and thereby lowering maintenance cost.




HYDRAULIC Stop Leak: A stop leak additive.


Hydraulic+: A wear reducing additive that prevents leaks, and lead to a quiter operation.

GEAR Products


GEAR Stop Leak: A stop leak additive.


GEAR+: A wear reducing additive

that prevents leaks, and

leads to longer product


Lubrication paste


SEAL PROTECT+: Protects against initial running problems of the machinery even after long stand stil.


Multi Lubrication Paste: Is for when you need extremely high film strenght, adhesion and protection.

Test on hydraulic system

We've done a test on two identical hydraulic systems. Results after four months:

In the system that ran with hydraulic+ iron is up 8 ppm and in the system with no additive iron is up 19 ppm.

Thruster with hydraulic oil

Bow thruster with hydraulic oil had a leakage & began vibrating in November 2007. ABCON Stop Leak additive was added. Result was that the leakage stopped and vibrations which before were 3.7 mm/sec decreased to 2.8 mm/sec


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